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Clinical Information Network

The Papyrus Clinical Information Network allows you to generate extra revenue for your practice by sharing in the revenue generated from the sale of unidentifiable patient data. The Papyrus Clinical Information Network is able to receive documents in a CDA/CCD format from any meaningful-use certified health records system. Using these documents, we are able to extract the data that many healthcare, pharmaceutical, and governmental agencies need and are willing to pay for. Unlike other companies, we share in this untapped revenue stream to help your practice have a healthier bottom line. In addition, using our Clinical Information Network, we are able to assist multi-specialty and practices with multiple locations to derive a better understanding of their practice through more efficient data collection and reporting.

Data Collection

Data Collection on the Papyrus Clinical Information Network is easy to use. Documents can be uploaded in both CDA and CCD format.

Revenue Generation

Using the Clinical Information Network will generate extra revenue for your practice by selling unidentifiable patient data to companies or government agencies.


Clinical Information Network**

*Prices quoted include technical support and are per provider per month for a typical small practice. Large practices or corporate clients should contact us for other pricing models.

**Please contact us for separate pricing.

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